Supply Offshore
We offer professional ship supply service to qualified ships with duty-free tobacco, liquors as ships' store, non-alcoholic beverages, foods as well as other daily necessities. Hai Luen has become the ship supplier which has the largest scale, best reputation, the most complete facilities and the best services in local market since we have served ships for forty years and owned the great business capacity, long history and rich experiences. Moreover, Hai Luen has a warehouse located in Tsuen Wan , with an area of over 20,000 square feet. It also establishes its own bonded warehouse in 1996, which became the first supplier that owned private bonded warehouse for ship supply business.
a. Duty-free tobacco and liquors are only supplied to ships as ships' store and are intended to be used by members of the crew and passengers on board with net tonnage of over 60 tons and has acquired the necessary customs permits.

b. Non-alcoholic beverage, food and other daily necessities can be supplied to all ships.

c. Our service objects include cargo ships and luxurious cruise ships.
Duty-free goods

Duty-free goods for the qualified ships include´╝Ü

Chinese and foreign tobacco, Chinese famous liquors (MouTai, WuLiangYe, JianNanChun, LuZhouLaoJiao, ChuYehChing, TsingTao Beer etc.).

Famous foreign wines from France, Australia, Spain, Chile etc.

Other foreign liquors (Brandy such as Hennessy XO, Remy Martin VSOP etc. Red/ Black Label Whisky)
Quality Assurance and Reasonable Price

We stick to the principle that "quality is life". Following stringent screening, we usually import directly from manufacturers so as to guarantee the origin and quality of goods.

Regarding price, we balance the economic benefit and crew serve to obtain high quality goods with reasonable price and we are generally selected and welcomed by our customers.
Professional teams and excellent service

Supplying ships with duty-free goods as ships' store is a professional job which requires not only good knowledge of the customs regulations and operation guideline but also timely and accurate relevant permit application and well-timed delivery of goods before the ships sail. Accuracy and timeliness is our principle.

On the one hand, we have the advanced "hardware" - our magnificent office building, the well-found duty-free warehouse, constant temperature wine storehouse, cool chambers etc. as well as a fleet of vehicles and boats to ensure 24 hours one-stop service.

On the other hand, we have the perfect "software" - our experienced and efficient teams which handle the quick and accurate on-line customs permit application and guarantee high quality service.

Ships' stores are intended to be used only by members of the crew and passengers on board a ship. No re-landing or export to another place as commercial cargo is allowed.

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