Specialized and Comprehensive Supply of Quality Wines
As a member of the China Merchants Group, Hai Luen Trading Co., (HK) Ltd. is the sole enterprise that specializes in the supply of cigarettes, liquors with provision as a sideline. Given its established prestiged reputation, the company is holding a leader position on the supplier of well known Chinese liquors in Hong Kong.

Hai Luen mainly deals with the supply of goods and merchandises both at sea and on shore. "Supply offshore" refers to the supply of duty-free cigarettes and liquors as well as provision to ocean-going freighters, lanchas and liners, while "supply on shore" business involves the specialized supply, including wholesale, retail and direct sales of Chinese liquors and foreign wines. Hai Luen is the agent of many popular liquor brands, such as MouTai, WuLiangYe, JianNanChun, LuZhouLaoJiao and ChuYehChing, etc.

To ensure our supply is comprehensive and well-arranged, the company sets up its own office building, godown with bonded warehouses, cool chambers, wine storehouse, a fleet of vehicles and ships, which further provide a committed service is guaranteed both off and on shore.To ensure our supply is comprehensive and well-arranged, the company sets up its own office building, godown with bonded warehouses, cool chambers, wine storehouse, a fleet of vehicles and ships, which further provide a committed service is guaranteed both off and on shore.
Carrying On the Past & Forwarding Ahead Into the Future
Over the past four decades, since its establishment in 1967, Hai Luen has been enjoying a flourishing and prosperous business that continues to expand gradually. Its history is a reflective portrayal of the bond of closer ties of economy growth between Hong Kong and the Mainland China.

During the 1960s and 1970s when Hai Luen initializes its business, it mainly served the crews, especially those working on inbound and outbound freighters from Hong Kong, by supplying them with provision and a small amount of duty-free cigarettes and liquors.

In the 1980s, Hai Luen began its onshore business that corresponded with the trade of China Merchants Group involved in the development of Shekou Industrial Zone. Its scope of service rapidly penetrated into different variety in supplying food, duty-free cigarettes, liquors and daily necessities first to hotels and restaurants in Shekou Industrial Zone, and then to supermarkets, department stores, oilfields, nuclear power plants and other logistics bases, as well as Chinese Consulates Offices overseas.

Started from the early 1990s, Hai Luen was dedicated to tapping the Hong Kong market more aggressively. To expand its agent service, Hai Luen grabbed a variety of quality wines and liquors from Mainland China and globally, since then various kinds of publicity campaigns and market promotion activities are regularly launched.

In order to expand further their scope of business in the Mainland, Hailuen set up a wholly owned subsidiary-Your Cellar (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. in November 2008 to introduce the foreign high-quality wine and wine culture among wine lovers in China.

The outstanding team of Hai Luen has been committed to offering products and logistics services that most cater to the needs of the customers over the years. In the future, Hai Luen will, as always, strive for the continued growth and perfection of its business.
Supply At Sea & Distribution On Shore
From offshore supply in the past to the present operation on shore, from the small-scale trading business in the past to the present large-scale commission agent, Hai Luen has developed two major segments of business: supply off and on shore.

It is the core and routine business of Hai Luen, which supply duty-free cigarettes and liquors, as well as provision to ships. Hai Luen mainly serves cargo ships and river-trade vessels. Luxurious cruise ships are also its our loyal customers.

In terms of distribution on shore, Hai Luen is at present the agent of products that mainly include famous Chinese liquors and foreign dinner wines by three major means of sales: wholesale, retail and sales. The company maintains an extensive customer and sales network, which includes hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, large chain stores, department stores, grocery stores, etc.
Perfect Logistics & Extraordinary Service
The key to ensure a steady supply of goods and materials is a sufficient logistics system. Therefore, Hai Luen has been striving for the efficiency of each link on its supply chain.

At present, Hai Luen has a warehouse located in Tsuen Wan, with an area of over 20,000 square feet. The own bonded warehouse was established in 1996, which became the first supplier that owned private bonded warehouse for ship supply business.

Regarding to cover the special need in good storage, such as wines, need to be stored in places with steady temperature, Hai Luen has built up movable cool chambers and constant temperature wine storehouse in its warehouse to ensure the quality of its stored goods.

Meanwhile, Hai Luen has also set up a highly efficient fleet of ships and vehicles, which can deliver goods timely to any destinations that the ship is berthed at, or any locations the customer are in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. It takes even as short time as few hours from taking orders and delivering goods.

Hai Luen is blessed with rich experience in logistics and advanced technology. With its warehouses fully computerized, convenient communication facilities and wide use of the Internet, Hai Luen can guarantee quick and accurate supply of goods and materials to the greatest satisfaction of the customers.

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